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We would love to have you visit our little piece of paradise. People always ask what brought us here; take one step out on to the beach and you will know why!! What do we like most about Cerritos Beach? We love the views. You literally have it all. Ocean, mountains, desert! The sun rises over the mountains and sets into the ocean. We love the beach, but even more importantly is surf break. Cerritos Beach has the only swimmable beach in the area. We love the whale watching. We love the laid-back, toes-in-the-sand life style that is Cerritos Beach.

There’s something for everyone to fall in love with at Cerritos Beach and that's why we are building the Cerritos Beach Inn. We want everyone to enjoy themselves at the Cerritos Beach Inn. We want to be your favorite Inn not only in Mexico, but in the world.

Jim is a retired builder from Southern California that has been living in the area for 15+ years. He searched for the perfect spot along the beach, he personally designed every inch of the Inn, and over saw its entire construction.

Andy and his family are still living in the States, but fell in love with the area 5 years ago. After searching for a way to be able to spend more time on Cerritos Beach, they found Jim’s project while going for a run on the beach. Jump forward 2 years and the partnership came together to complete Cerritos Beach Inn.

When you’re here, just ask us for whatever you want and we'll do our best to accommodate you, whether you want us to grill up that fish you just reeled in or mix that special cocktail. We know you will love Cerritos Beach Inn!


More Information: www.cerritosbeachinn.com